A Deeply Hidden and Inarticulate Desire Print


“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”

― Virginia Woolf

The point of living the lives we lead is a constant journey of seeking something more. Every day we wake up, with mundane tasks outlined in a series of errands and to-do lists, in hopes that one day we will amount to something more. Despite this being the “accepted” way of living, what if you want everyday astonishments? How do we choose to bend time, life, and our most important relationships with the short time we have? Do we have a choice about any of it?

With Woolf’s words perfectly encapsulating with this same idea, I drew the viewer’s eye directly to the central point of this piece. This stark color contrast of the black appears as the “something” more, as the yellows become everyday life. Using a minimal palette and forms within the piece I create something soft, yet at the same time determined. Despite this, the question remains: Is the stark black breaking free of the constraints of the soft yellows, or is the reality of the yellows enveloping and therefore succumbing to the black sharpness of life?

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