Blood Child III

Bloodchild III


48 x 48 oils on canvas

Part of an ongoing series, “Bloodchild” is inspired by the short story“Bloodchild and Other Stories.” Exploring relationships and how they shape us throughout our lives, this piece deconstructs the idea of a who and what a person is. Rather than create standard portraiture, I wanted to explore how the different moments of our lives create who we are as people, and how the different relationships and people we encounter are really what make us who we are. The most important things in life are the little moments that can make up a whole lifetime of someone’s narrative. To shape themselves, and those they touch – a butterfly effect of humanity. This is why the image of the differently formed hands within this piece is so significant. Hands are the windows to our soul – with hands, you can touch, love, create, study, and most importantly connect. Knowing I wanted the piece to be a landscape of interconnecting hands and other body parts, I started with a larger primed canvas, sketching out the limbs of this tree-like structure. Intertwining hands, others free-flowing, and finding darker colors, particularly in the background gave this piece the final dystopian effect.