Daytime Moon

Blue Moon

20 x 30 oils on stretched canvas, 2022

I was captivated by a text that referred to a “daytime moon.” This phrase inspired me to capture the atmospheric essence of this moment in time, using only the blues layered in the painting. Originally, the phrase “daytime moon” was associated with a playful and innocent concept. However, I conjured up a more secretive scene.

In literature, the moonlight’s glow often illuminates clandestine activities that are facilitated by the darkness of the night. It provides a veil for whispers of secrets and allows things left unsaid to be spoken and done without the scrutiny of daylight. By merging the secretive nature of the moon with the brightness of daylight, I aimed to explore how uncovering secrets can impact one’s life, both positively and negatively. The painting’s interplay of shadows and highlights creates a sense of hidden secrets. While one can initially conceal secrets in the shadows, ultimately, revealing the truth can lead to a fresh chapter in life.

“I like:

– daytime moons
– redwood forests
– expired film
– grey kittens
– striped sweaters
– bugs
– Greek. mythology
– Sylvia Plath
blank canvases and new paints
– pensive moods
– plaid flannel
– big words
new journals. (but never writing in them)
– fingertips
-long hair
– beautiful boys and red-cheeked girls
potted plants
– thunderstorms
– Vonnegut
– astronomy
– bookstores
coral colored dresses
– blushing
– freckles
– violet sunsets
– starfish
– broken glass
“good morning’s”
– old photographs
– bones
– blue eyes
shy smiles
– anthropology
– deja vu
– pressed flowers
-Marie Antoinette
– cottages
– folk music and hearing fingers on guitar strings
– watching raindrops
– writing lists”